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Definitely! Red Dead Redemption 2 is Coming to PC Gamers

For those of you PC Master Race who are anti-console gaming, this will be good news for you. There has been direct information from the developer of this cowboy game that the game will be released in the near future. Rockstar announced that the game will be released on November 5, 2022. This announcement is quite surprising for PC Gamers because the expectations for the release of this game on PC are not so fast. You can even pre-order this game starting on October 9 yesterday, but only through Rockstar Launcher.

You can also buy Red Dead Redemption 2 via the Epic Store or Steam. Based on the info IDGameWare got, pre-orders on the Epic Store will start from October 23. Meanwhile, purchases via Steam will be opened in December. Let’s just pray that these dates are not pushed back for any reason.

Source: Alphacoders

Who is not familiar with Rockstar Games? They are a publisher that is famous for its Grand Theft Auto game. For you GTA lovers you will definitely not regret playing this game. You will be able to experience the life of a cowboy as you experience the life of mafia and gangsters in GTA. Equipped with very realistic graphics, it will make you more carried away with this game. Based on console players, this game is among the ones that have very good reviews.

This cowboy game series is actually quite famous among console users. With title Red Dead Redemption, this game earned a lot of players. Unfortunately this game is exclusive only for game console users. Therefore, when it was reported that this game would be released on PC, it was good news for fans of the open world role-play action game genre.