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Clover Has Great Opportunity to Promote to MPL with Evos Legends!

Clover Has Great Opportunity to Promote to MPL with Evos Legends! One of the best Mobile Legends players in Indonesia, Clover, is currently in the big Mobile Legends team in Indonesia, namely Evos Legends. However, its current existence with the big team is only their reserve player who plays in the second tier of the Mobile Legends professional league, namely MDL. But even though so many people believe, including personal writers, that Clover will later become a promotion to the Evos main team in the future. Why can we say this? Check out the article below!

Previously, Clover himself was a former Aura eSports player in the last two MPL seasons. You could say when he was still with Aura Aura’s performance improved in quite a bit of time. After failing to bring Aura to maintain his great form consistently there are rumors that Clover left Aura after he did not accept having to be relegated to the MDL Aura team and there was a financial cut.

Therefore, he decided to leave and now officially joins Evos Legends in their second division. But even so, Clover has the opportunity to be promoted to the Evos main team playing in MPL ID Season 6 for these two reasons!

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Clover Evos MDL

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  1. The Performance is Still Worth Playing in the Highest League of Mobile Legends

We have to admit that Aura’s performance had improved drastically because Clover, who at that time looked great, but after the meta game changed and the arrival of new players Clover was less than optimal in showing his skills. But even though so many people believe that Clover still has above average abilities and is still worthy of playing in the highest league of Mobile Legends Indonesia, MPL.

  1. Evos Main Roster Unstable

The inconsistent performance of Evos Legends’ main roster is one of the reasons why they have to promote Clover if he performs well on MDL. Clover has so far been able to play in various positions such as offlaner, support or midlaner. It is not impossible with the inclusion of Clover to make the Evos Legends strategy even more varied.

Those are the two reasons why Clover has a great chance of being able to enter or be promoted to the main roster of Evos Legends and play in MPL Indonesia Season 6. Do you agree with our opinion or have your own opinion? Don’t forget to keep visiting website us, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!