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Chromebook, Laptop for Students

Google first introduced Chromebooks in 2011. Chromebooks themselves are laptops that use a web-based operating system, also known as Chrome OS. Overall, Chrome OS is completely different from the operating systems we are used to, namely Windows and MacOS.

This operating system is fully integrated, that’s why it is suitable for students and workers. But unfortunately in Indonesia itself, Chrome OS is not yet popular or even many people don’t know it at all. Of course there are many things that affect it, one of the most significant is that the internet network in Indonesia is not too evenly distributed.

Chromebook Pros and Cons

In appearance Chrome OS is similar to Android tablets in general. This is because Chrome OS limits certain applications and only allows applications that support this operating system to be installed. But nowadays, almost everything we do can be accessed using the web today.

Chromebooks can’t install Microsoft Office, but Chrome OS itself provides applications that can be accessed via the web. Such as Google Docs, Spreadsheets and so on. Even today, many workers use this application because it is easy to integrate.

For example, you need a laptop to edit videos and photos. Chromebooks seem to be a bad choice. Because Chrome OS may support apps for editing but only the basics. Chromebooks don’t offer overworked apps.

Chromebooks for Students

One of the features offered by Google and very suitable for academic organizations is Google for Education. This feature allows everyone to connect to the same ecosystem. In addition, Google for Education also has a Super Admin feature, where this Super Admin can limit what things can be installed or opened on a Chromebook.


Chrome OS does seem very limited if you are a user who wants to try a lot of applications. But Chromebooks would be a great fit for organizations especially in academia. Remote control and permissions from admin will really help teachers to monitor what students are doing with their laptops.

So there is no need to be afraid of students who will use laptops for negative things such as watching porn, playing games games etc. In addition, Chromebooks are also relatively cheaper than laptops with Windows and MacOS operating systems. Of course, this has a big impact on the budget.

Google currently fully supports integrated learning access. So that Google for Education can be obtained for free with certain conditions.