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Changes in Compensation AFK Patch 1.5.08 Mobile Legends, Will Not Lose Stars!

Changes in Compensation AFK Patch 1.5.08 Mobile Legends, Will Not Lose Stars! Moonton always brings changes in Mobile Legends that provide playing comfort for its players.

Starting from gameplay changes with buffs and nerf heroes, to changes to the existing system in Mobile Legends to become a friendly game to play.

In Patch 1.5.08 Mobile Legends, there will be one thing that Mobile Legends players like, especially those who have often met Away From Keyboard (AFK) players.

In this patch, for draft pick matches, the first loss due to AFK that occurred on Saturday and Sunday will not cause the player to lose one star, if the player has AFK friends in the same lobby.

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In addition, regardless of winning or losing, other team members get various EXP and BP given to AFK players without any restrictions as long as the five players are not in the same lobby.

It can be said that the AFK compensation system in this patch is almost the same as the next game, Arena of Valor. In addition there are many more interesting from this patch.

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AFK Mobile Legends Compensation
Photo via: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Indonesia

One of them is matchmaking adjustments, where solo players will not meet duo or trio players, so it will be fair for players who like to play solo.

According to spinners, how is the new AFK compensation system better than the old AFK compensation system? Don’t forget to keep visiting our website, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!