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Capcom August Remake Resident Evil 4

It’s not just Rockstar Games that has rabid fans in games GTA San Andreas. Capcom also has rabid fans in games called Resident Evil. One of the most famous series is Resident Evil 4 and currently there are many gamer who hope games it will be remake.

Right now Capcom is shaking the industry world games because of their Tweet on the official account that gives hints about Resident Evil 4. As we know, Resident Evil 3 was very successful last year. It is possible that Capcom will remake the next series. biohazard-4%2Fremake-gamescom

Currently, many fans are still guessing whether this plan will actually be realized. Because the instructions given are very few and cannot be grasped with certainty. But if it really will be in the remake.

Shinji Mikami as Director may not be able to be fully involved directly. Because currently Shinji Mikami is working on a project games Another is Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Possible Resident Evil 4 Remake