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Build Items Atlas Mobile Legends a la Top Global (2022)

This is the strongest and sickest Atlas Mobile Legends hero build item that we provide for you and this item comes from a top global Atlas.

Previously, why if we saw the global top Atlas playing really great using this hero.

Is it because of the right build item or because of the gameplay of the player himself.

Indeed, these two elements are very important if we play Mobile Legends, in addition to the gameplay of the player, build items are also very important in order to win a match.

Well this time we will provide recommendations for the strongest and sickest build item for the number one Atlas Mobile Legends hero ala Top Global Atlas.

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Atlas Mobile Legends Gameplay

The build item came from a global top named N3RO who was ranked first as the best Atlas player from around the world.

He topped the Atlas hero leaderboard with 438 matches and a win rate of 85%.

You can see the item itself from the photo below!

Atlas Mobile Legends Build Items

He looks very smart in determining items for Atlas where he picks out items such as dominance ice to counter high critical marksman/assassin heroes.

He also chose the cursed helmet, immortality and other items so that all of Atlas’ abilities could be used to the fullest.

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