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BTR Luxxy Successfully Won this Award at PMWL 2022!

In addition to helping BTR RA win PMWL East 2022, Luxxy also won these two awards at PMWL 2022 yesterday.

Bigetron RA some time ago confirmed himself as the PMWL East 2022 champion after struggling in the tournament for a long time.

They won the title with difficulty by having to maintain their great performance for more than a month.

The result apart from Bigetron RA managed to become champion PMWL East 2022, one of their players won two special titles in the tournament.

The player we are talking about is Made Bagus “Luxxy” Prabaswara or familiarly known as Luxxy.

Meanwhile, for his own predicate, he managed to buy two at once, namely Headshot Master and East Top Fragger.

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Why BTR Luxxy Can Achieve This Predicate?

Both of them have titles that can be categorized as very difficult to achieve, especially in classy tournaments like PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) 2022.

However, thanks to its impressive statistics with 153 knockouts, 37 headshots, and 142 kills, it’s only natural that Luxxy won the title of “Headshot Master”.

Meanwhile, he won the East Top Fragger predicate after successfully recording statistics in the form of 153 knockins, 142 kills and dealing 30659 damage.

Furthermore, Luxxy himself will prepare himself to fight in the highest PUBG Mobile tournament in Indonesia, namely PMPL ID Season 2.

The tournament itself will be held on August 14, 2022 and BTR Luxxy only has one week to rest after fighting all-out in PMWL yesterday.

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