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Bigetron RA's Important Moment at PMWL East 2022 Day 1 Finals

Bigetron RA’s Important Moment at the PMWL East 2022 Day 1. PUBG Mobile Word League (PMWL) East 2022 has begun to enter the final round, namely the grand final round. Yesterday, August 6, 2022, the PMWL East 2022 grand final has officially started and has ended.

In the top three there is Box Gaming which is ranked 1st with 1 time Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (WWCD) with 110 points, then in second place is a team from Indonesia, namely Bigetron RA which won 1 time WWCD and 96 total points, and in third place is U. Level Up Esports which won 2 times WWCD and 87 points.

Bigetron RA did play very consistently in the PMWL East 2022 final on the first day, but they did not start and close the first day of the final match with good results.

Bigetron RA PMWL East 2020 Final Round 1
Photo via: PUBG Mobile Esports ID

But there were 2 important moments of Bigetron RA that made Bigetron managed to rank 2 regardless of the WWCD results. The first was during round 4 on the Miramar map, where Bigetron RA in the early game had to immediately lose 3 players and leave 1, namely Luxxy.

However, Luxxy here plays amazingly even though there are still 12 enemy teams. He managed to pull off “One Man Show” with clever rotations and even out KOG and OR. Not only that, Luxxy managed to make Bigetron RA finish in 2nd place after being defeated by RRQ Athena.

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Bigetron RA Round 4 Final PMWL East 2020
Photo via: PUBG Mobile Esports ID

The second was during round 5 on the Sanhok map, where Bigetron RA managed to make 17 kills and finished in 2nd place. Although Bigetron RA did not get WWCD, but in the standing round Bigetron RA was in 1st position because of the large number of kills, and BTR Ryzen registered himself with a total of 7 kills in that round.

Bigetron RA will return to compete in the PMWL East 2022 Day 2 final and hopefully the good moments for Bigetron RA will return.