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BigBox VR Has Officially Acquired Facebook

On Friday (11/06/2022) Facebook has officially announced the acquisition of BigBox VR. With this, Facebook has purchased five VR studios in total.

For gamers For those who don’t know, BigBox VR is the mastermind behind games Popular Battle Royale Population: One which was just released last year on PC VR and Quest platforms. Games it consistently ranks in the top four on Quest.

The announcement was released by Facebook via the Oculus blog saying that Population: One has consistently been at the top of the rankings for games with popular titles. As with the previous studio acquisition process, this move indirectly hints at BigBox VR to be able to join Facebook soon.

Facebook has always been candid when it comes to announcing acquisitions, including to BigBox VR.

LFacebook took the right step. If we look at the performance of Population: One. They only joined nine months ago and are consistently at the top of the rankings games popular. Of course, this can be a potential for Population: One to grow in the future.

Facebook also hinted that it would fully support BigBox to expand existing access and resources. The fifth acquisition of Facebook is likely to increase Facebook’s profits in developing VR technology.

As we know Facebook has previously acquired Beat Games (Beat Saber), Sanzaru games (Asgard’ Wrath), Ready at Dawn (Lone Echo) and Downpour Interactive. Interestingly, these five acquisitions of the VR studio, Facebook did in less than 2 years.

According to Facebook this acquisition is a form of their investment to create content that connects social skills gamers in this world. They want to make the VR community experience games which is not only fun but has more “Value”.

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Until now, there is no official information on how much BigBox VR sells to Facebook. But we might be able to guess a little. The numbers are, of course, quite fantastic. Because Population: One alone has earned more than US 10 million dollars or Rp. 142 billion).

With these numbers we can probably assume a little bit how much value BigBox VR offers to Facebook. Continue to follow IDGameWare to get interesting information about games and Hardware.