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Best Wonderkid Midfielders FM 2022

This time the IDGW team will provide a list of the best wonderkid midfielders in fm 2022. Previously we have discussed other lines such as goalkeepers, defenders, and also strikers, this time we will discuss the central midfielder sector. The central midfielders here have quite a different position we provide several types of central midfielders for you. The prices here only apply to the sultan’s club that you play. Let’s just start the list of the best wonderkid midfielders fm 2022.

1. Arthur – Barcelona

This Brazilian Barcelona player has become one of the mainstays of the midfield at Barcelona. Best position as MC (Midfielder Center) with deep lying playmaker role. Arthur is suitable for teams with a dominant ball possession strategy, because Arthur has above average ball control and passing. For the value itself, Arthur has a very high value, starting at 50 million.

2. Sandro Tonali

The future Italian midfielder has a fairly cheap value of 8.2 million but Brescia will not easily let him go. At least you have to spend up to 30 million to be able to land this player into your club. From his own role, Sandro Tonali is a Deep Lying Playmaker who is in the midfield or defensive midfielder. This player is suitable to be played with a team that builds attack from the back or a team that plays DMC as the axis of attack and defense.

3. Nicolo Barella

This player is one of our favourites. Nicolo Barella who plays at Inter Milan is a Box to Box midfielder with the most complete ability and the best value. Nicolo Barella’s value here is around 22 million. Nicolo Barella is suitable to be a defensive midfielder and also to build attacks. Baatarella also has good stamina and a fast pace making it suitable for playing with a high tempo attacking and defending style. Strong in holding the ball and also has a good tackle Barella can be one of your midfield generals.

4. Phil Foden

Still 19 years old but this English player has already broken into the Manchester City first team, the best role for Foden is AMC Enganche. However, this player can also be used in the MC position depending on your needs. This player can be relied on to hold the ball and also start the attack because of his good ball control. The value of this player starts at 35 million and Manchester City will not easily let go of one of their flagship players at a cheap price.

5. Frank Kessie

This AC Milan player has the best position as DM or MC with the ball winning midfielder role. The perfect posture of this player and also the ability to shoot long distances are the mainstay of Kessie. The player from Ghana with his right foot as his main strength has speed and captivating tackles so he is very useful to help defense. Kessie’s own value starts from 22 million which makes him a fairly expensive young player.

6. Lorenzo Pellegrini

Italy is indeed a warehouse for midfielders in Football Manager 2022. Lorenzo Pellegrini can play in 3 positions from DM, MC and also AMC with the Advanced Playmaker role. Pellegrini’s best position is at AMC because this player has high creativity and good attacking instincts. The value of this player is quite high, namely 36.5 million which makes it one of the valuable assets owned by AS Roma besides Nicolo Zaniollo

7. Frenkie De Jong

This Dutch mainstay player is only 22 years old but already has a value of over 50 million. This player who shines at Ajax Amsterdam has the best role as an Advanced Playmaker in the MC position. If several players in your team are injured, you can play De Jong in all positions in midfield, up to the winger position, although not very well. Even playing as a DMC, this player is not awkward, making this player the best player on this list. This player fits the ball possession or tiki taka style of play as played by Barcelona.

That’s the list of the best wonderkid midfielders on FM 2022 according to the IDGW team, if you have any comments, please. For those who don’t have this game, you can buy it here.