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Beast Boy Becomes the Newest Character in Fortnite

update terbaru beast boy

Beast Boy is a fictional superhero character created by Arnold Drake as a writer published by DC Comics. Beast Boy is a superhero who can turn into any animal such as a tiger, gorilla, crow and even a bear. This character’s real name is Garfield Mark Logan and first appeared in comics in 1965

As a founding member of Teen Titans, Beast Boy also landed his feet on Fortnite following Raven in Battle Pass Chapter 6 Season 2.

Epic Games as the developer of Fortnite officially announced the release of this newest character on August 13, 2022 at 20.00. Wow, just more fun? You can later turn into a Gorilla to be able to roam among wolves, wild boars, raptors by using the Go Emote Ape built in by the Beast Boy character.

Wow, DC fans can’t wait to see Raven and her newest character come together in Fortnite. Interestingly, in this release, Epic Games made an interesting tournament. Satisfying the fans’ desire to immediately unite the two, the day before the release of the Teen Titans Cup was held.

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Every Fortnite player who participated in the Teen Titans Cup tournament who managed to score 8 points will have the latest BBRae loading screen specially made by Gabriel Piccolo. Each participating player is entitled to a Beast Boy & Raven Spray which is delivered in stages.

Gabriel Piccolo is an artist and comic artist from São Paulo Brazil. Gabriel makes a lot of love stories from Raven and Beast Boy as comic artists at DC Comics. Wow can’t wait? Who managed to get a special loading screen made by the artist directly?

In addition, the release of this character was followed by the release of The Outfit, Couch Titan back Bling and BB’s Beast Pickaxe. You can buy them separately to save money or buy in bundles with the character.

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