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Battle of Alpine FF, New Event Offering Attractive Prizes!

Free Fire is a game with a million interesting events that are always given by Garena every month. The events that are presented often provide many free items to players. Well, the latest there is an event on Free Fire called Battle of Alpine FF.

This event is the default of a new map that recently appeared on Free Fire, namely the Alpine FF map. Prior to the Battle of Alpine event, players in December 2022 had tasted the New Age event which also gave many free gifts.

Well, for this latest event, Battle of Alpine, there is one interesting prize that you can get for free. Want to know what the gift is? Come on, let’s see the full review below.

About Battle of Alpine FF

battle of alpine ff
Map Alpine FF | Garena

Event Battle of Alpine to start on August 7, 2022 tomorrow. There are lots of missions that you can complete starting tomorrow until this event is completely over. This event comes to replace the New Age FF event which has not recently been completed.

The presence of the Alpine Map must of course be accompanied by a new event. This is indeed often done by Garena when releasing new maps for Free Fire. This is so that players can be more enthusiastic when the map has been launched.

Of the many missions that are available starting tomorrow, there is one mission that will provide attractive prizes for you. The mission is a mission to get the Skyboard Golden Slegde FF Skin.


How to Get the Skyboard Golden Slegde FF

battle of alpine ff
Free Fire | Garena

To get the Skyboard Golden Slegde FF Skin itself, the method is very easy. You only need to win or get Booyah when playing Battle Royale Free Fire mode. This Skybaord Golden Slegde FF skin is available at the Battle of Alpine FF event from 9 to 18 August 2022.

In addition to prizes in the form of FF Skyboard Skins, there are also other interesting prizes that you can get. The following is the number of Booyah you must get to be able to own the Golden Sledge FF Skyboard:

  • Booyah 2 times: 1x Winderness Trapper Loot Crare
  • Booyah 4 times: Skyboard Golden Slegde FF
  • Booyah 7 times: 2x Incubator Voucher

Well, that’s the number of Booyah you have to collect to get the main prize. Don’t forget to follow the event starting tomorrow!

That’s the discussion about the Battle of Alpine FF event. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Continue to visit Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about Free Fire Tips from us.