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Auto Chess Season 12 Latest Race, Control and System Updates

Auto Chess Season 12 has been out on August 31st. In season 12 this time Sony provides many new updates ranging from race, system to optimization of controls and UI on the cursor. Wow gameplay from games this seems to be more effective for the player huh.

Horn’s new race

Horn is a traveler from the north whose strength comes from a totem that he worships. Growing up as a natural warrior living in the icy plains made him very physically strong and certainly immune to the cold.

This hero is the brother of Sunchaser Servant and Sunchaser saman. He grew up alone in the Horn tribe. This tribe that prioritizes togetherness and takes care of each other then changes when he inherits the Sunchaser Totem from the Sunchaser Shaman to become the heir to the Great Shaman.

His older brother who was the elite guard of the Great Shaman was given the title of Servant Sunchaser. They support each other on the battlefield which makes them an invincible couple.

Medal System

Sony added a medal system in games this is to be able to see the achievements of each player which exists. This system is public so that player others can see the achievements you have made in Auto Chess. There are 4 types of medals made, namely, Set medal, Career Medal, Championship Medal and Event Medal.

In addition, Auto Chess Season 12 provides updates to the match system. There is a new 4 vs 4 mode in this update. Imagine eight players in a game trying to make the most points to win the game.

Each player’s points are divided by rank and the team’s points are the total points of each player. Wow, you have to set a strategy, how can you win the match but also be ranked first in your team.

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In addition, this Auto Chess Season 12 update introduces the Sleepless Night theme. Part of players who buy pass This season will get a Sleepless Cube which will later have the opportunity to get the latest skin.

Purple Skin Dard Musician and Orang Skin Rhythm Musician are skins that can be obtained. In addition, players who reach Rank Rook will get a new hero, Calamity.

Interesting huh? Let’s continue to follow IDGameWare to get the latest information about games and hardware.