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Angel Squad Officially Released on Play Store and App Store

The Latest Lyto Angel Squad Game

All gamers Older people especially the 90s must know about Lyto Games. Not only Angel Squad but Lyto Games has released a lot games which is interesting and fun on almost all platforms.

Such as Perfect World, RF Online, Idol Street and many more. Lyto Games is not a new player especially for the PC platform. This time Lyto took out games Their newest name is Angel Squad, which was released on Wednesday (09/06/2022) on the Play Store and App Store.

Humanity experienced their point of extinction after the war between nations. The aliens are trying to find a new planet to make their home. This nation is called Far Star, they come with violence with the aim of ruling the earth.

Because human technology is still far behind, 80% of earth’s life has perished. Luckily the Global Federation runs a secret project by injecting a special gene into the human body.

This project produces “Angel” which has many times the power so that it can match Far Star. The war situation began to favor humans to be able to rise by expelling Far Star.

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Angel Squad Characters

Characters in games This is a group of beautiful and cute girls. There will be 6 organizations that differentiate from each other later.

While the enemy is Far Star, there are 3 levels.

  • Aliens who are under the direct control of Far Star and become the main enemy.
  • Machine which is produced by Far Star to become their army.
  • Mutant is a Far Star project that modifies humanity to become stronger and loyal to them.

Weapon Class

you guys gamers later can choose several types of weapons that can be played.

  • Assault Rifle, very deadly and damage tall.
  • Sniper, has a precise attack.
  • SMG, a weapon with attack speed tall.
  • Shotgun, a weapon with extraordinary explosive power.
  • Pistol, a weapon with short range attacks.

With this choice of weapons, of course, the game is inside games will be very unique in terms of strategy. Each weapon has its own advantages and potential. With this choice of weapons, it is possible that there will be player that have playstyle to with a different choice of weapons than others.