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Android 12 Can Keep Playing Games Without Finishing Download

During the Game Developer Summit, Google announced the latest features in Android 12 that they are currently developing. In addition to 2x faster download times, Google also explained the new feature “Play as you download”. Gamers will be able to play games even before all the data is completely downloaded.

This breakthrough will certainly be very much in demand. Due to capacity games modern day is very big. Sometimes gamers will get tired of waiting smartphone gamers download. To relieve boredom, gamers maybe open TikTok, Instagram and other apps which actually makes the download speed decrease even more.

How Android 12 Works

Google promises that later you will be able to play downloaded applications when they reach 400MB. No matter what Giga size the game, gamers will be able to enter directly into the game.

This concept is actually not new. Sony implemented this concept on the PlayStation. But for the category smartphone Of course this is a new breakthrough. Considering that Android’s competitor, IOS, is also very good in terms of maintenance.

Google intends that the gamers can eliminate the installation process and can immediately explore games who want to play. With this feature, it is likely that it will also affect rating developers games which is on the PlayStore.

Lots rating bad received by developer because of differences in taste. When you see trailers, screenshots what’s in the short explanation games. Sometimes a lot gamers feel disappointed. Though this is due to differences in taste alone.

For example, people who like visual imagine games there is very realistic. But when he downloads the game there is a slight difference visual. As a result they give rating bad to developers. Now with this new feature in Android 12, everyone will be able to try it games newly installed.

When they don’t match they can cancel the installation process. So the possibility to minimize the feeling of disappointment will be higher. There will be many people who feel that their quota is not being wasted, because they have just downloaded some data from games.

But gamers will not be disappointed if you install games Angel Squad in smartphone We.

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