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AMD 600 Series Information Leaked

AMD 600 Series

An information has been leaked by hacker about motherboard AMD 600 Series. This leak seems to show that motherboard AMD 600 Series will not support PIle 5.0. This chipset is likely to be released in 2022 that supports Zen 4 processors.

For now, PCIe 5.0 will only support Alder Lake hybrid processors. This news will of course make the public think that Intel is far superior. Because the public agrees that the transition from PCIe 4.0 to PCIe 5.0 is important so that people can enjoy AMD much better.

Because it’s been more than two years the Ryzen 3000 series uses 4.0. While intel just launched chipset Rocket Lake gen 11 in August which supports PCIe 4.0. Public expectation that AMD will switch over storage bandwidth will be much faster than 4.0. Because in the future of course gamer requires a large space for the SSD.