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Already Have a Nintendo Switch Lite?

switch lite idgameware

Nintendo already announced that they will be releasing a Switch Lite some time ago. In terms of quality and function, nothing is different from the previous series. Switch Lite is priced at 2.8 – 3 million rupiah depending on the type or equipment purchased. The size of this console is smaller than its predecessor so it is easier to carry around, besides that there are also differences from its predecessor. The most striking difference is in the controller that cannot be removed, this lite version also cannot be connected to a television. In terms of battery life, this console can last 3-7 hours, better than its predecessor. The screen itself is 5.5 inches, slightly smaller than the previous version, which was 6.2 inches. For gamers who want to play multiplayer, they can connect their controller via Bluetooth or NFC so they can keep playing together in this lite version.

Switch Lite can also play previous versions of Switch games although some games will have limitations. This is due to the absence of a removable joy controller so that the existing gesture functions cannot be utilized. Games such as ARMS, 1-2 Switch and others cannot be played optimally on this console, because there is no joy con that can be used. But don’t worry, for the durability of this joy con switch lite it seems more promising than the joy con from the previous version.