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Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn joins Genshin Impact

Mihoyo and Guerrilla Games have collaborated to bring Aloy the protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn to the universe Genshin Impact. With his ability to use a bow, Aloy will really have an adventure later.

There is some leaked information regarding updates latest Genshin Impact 2.1. Besides Aloy, there are also Kujou Sara and Baal who are likely to join Genshin Impact next. In addition, there is also Kokomi who is likely to join later.

When will Aloy join Genshin Impact

According to the leak, Aloy will join updates 2.2 to be exact on October 13, 2022 for the Playstation console. But for players mobile and the PC will have to wait a bit on updates 2.3 on November 24, 2022.

But to get it, gamers must be at least rank 20 to receive e-mail through the internal system games. Just like sword dan glider Exclusive on Playstation. Mobile gamers and PC must claim items earlier.

How to Get Exclusive Items

For the mobile gamers and PC to get items exclusive is very young. Gamers just need to login to Playstation 4 or Playstation 5 version to unlock Aloy character and predator arc for free. But unfortunately the effect of items only works when playing on Playstation.

About Aloy

This hero fights against machines of destruction in Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy comes to Teyvat looking for a new challenge. Unfortunately he didn’t arrive on time and Inazuma had been taken over by the Raiden Shogun. Baal had declared war and wanted to eliminate the power of the gods.

The protagonist’s abilities in Genshin Impact have been leaked. He will have normal attacks in the form of fast fire, elemental attacks in the form of ice and elemental bursts that throw electricity that will explode with arrows.

There’s still a month to wait for the official release date. Even for the mobile gamers and PC takes longer time. To fill the void while waiting for the latest release of Genshin Impact.

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