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After PMWL, BTR RA Must Compete in this tournament!

After PMWL, BTR RA Must Compete in this tournament! Bigetron eSports some time ago was officially crowned the champion PMWL 2022 after struggling there for a long time.

They went through a long journey for more than a month which was very draining of their energy, time and mind.

But even so it’s true that in the end they achieved what they were aiming for which was to become champions.

But did you know that after this PMWL, they immediately started playing again in this national PUBG Mobile tournament?

As if there was no long rest after struggling in PMWL East 2022, they immediately competed again in a prestigious national scale tournament.

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Precisely their appearance will be presented on August 14, 2022 in the national tournament called PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) 2022 ID Season 2.

Yep, it’s true that they immediately qualified for the tournament by invitation because they previously won PMPL ID Season 1.

There is only about a week for Bigetron to rest and recover their abilities, the rest they have to practice again to be able to compete in PMPL ID Season 2.

It seems they really have to give their all in that tournament since they joined group which in fact is filled by strong teams such as Alter Ego, RRQ Ryu and others.

Will BTR Ra’s performance be consistent in PMPL ID Season 2 later after being quite tired of playing in PMWL 2022?

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