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After Khaleed, Moonton will soon Release this New Hero Mobile Legends!

After Khaleed, Moonton will soon Release this New Hero Mobile Legends! As we previously knew that some time ago Moonton just officially released a new hero named Khaleed into their favorite game, Mobile Legends. The release of this hero was welcomed by some fans of the Mobile Legends game in Indonesia, but some of them did not like this hero for various reasons.

But apart from that, this time we will not discuss further about this new hero Khaleed, this time we will discuss about the new hero that will come after this Khaleed hero.

The new hero is named Benedetta which will have a mysterious appearance, a beautiful face, carrying a large sword beside him and having a dominant color of dark blue and dark green. Then for his own role, this hero will have an assassin role and will accompany Natalia, Selena, Karina and others as female assassin heroes.

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Benedetta Mobile Legends Wallpaper, Benedetta Gameplay

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Meanwhile, for the gameplay itself, you can search for it on YouTube or if you don’t want to be complicated, you can watch the video below!

In the video it seems very clear to play this one hero is not an easy thing, the mobility is higher than other assassin heroes. It takes the right timing and skill direction so that the damage released can come out completely.

That’s the new Mobile Legends hero that will be released after this Khaleed hero! What do you think, spinners, do you buy auto? Don’t forget to keep visiting website us, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!