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Adventure to Be a Cat in Game Stray That Will Be Released Next Year

BlueTwelve Studio as developer from games Stray is still working hard to work on a release in early 2022. Through Official Twitter BlueTwelve Studio announced that they will be delaying the release slightly to next year due to employee welfare considerations.

Until now they have not announced a definite release date. But for sure, they really will release in early 2022. To overcome the curiosity of the lovers games. BlueTwelve Studio released trailers Stray’s latest at the Annapurna Interactive Showcase.

Gamers get to see the art of this game which is absolutely amazing. Exploring an enigmatic city will be a whole new experience because it uses a cat’s point of view. From visuals and audio, BlueTwelve Studio is really serious about this project.

Stray Gameplay

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Character from games this is a cat who later aims to solve puzzles. For example a cat uses a bucket to stop a fan blocking the way. Not only that, Stray also features action elements in games they.

Gamers must escape from enemies and take advantage of the surrounding environment to defeat them. well, though don’t get your hopes up on fast-paced combat action or hardcore yes.

BlueTwelve Studio aims to display trailers but only as an antidote to curiosity. They don’t display the mysterious elements inside games so that gamers don’t feel bored when actually playing games this.

But what is clear is that there will be cat characters and drones who always accompany to walk in the mysterious city and reveal the mystery that exists. From trailers it looks like the main character and drone have very different personalities.

Augustbe there will be intrigue about drones and the main character that makes your adventure more complicated and fun. So far there has been no leaked information whether the cat character can becustomize at will.

Considering Stray will be released in 2022. Augustbe BlueTwelve Studio still has a surprise trailers before the official release. To date, BlueTwelve Studio has confirmed several consoles getting games this. Playstation Exclusive, Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and their newly confirmed PC.

For those of you who ordered SteamDeck, maybe you can taste it games this. Because the Steam Deck console can be set up like a PC. Yes, let’s just pray that this Stray will be released soon and BlueTwelve Studio will update the console they market.

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