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7 Best Gaming Phones in 2022

Nowadays, playing games anytime and anywhere is the main skill of mobile phones. The development of mobile games with high graphic quality also increases the hardware requirements for mobile gaming. The following is a selection of the 7 best gaming phones in 2022 that are solid for your daily fighting needs.

Source: Apple

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

From the iPhone lineup, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max series is the best choice Apple has for gaming today. Although not specifically designed for gaming, this mobile phone with the best components from Apple has extraordinary gaming performance. With the A13 Bionic Processor, Apple’s special chipset for iPhone, it’s more than ideal for playing any mobile game. Compared to Snapdragon from Qualcomm, this processor is still superior above it.

Source: Asus


Many already know about ASUS ROG. In terms of gaming computers, the hardware and laptops of the ASUS ROG series are well known in all directions. Considering the quality and capacity of laptops made for mobile conditions, ASUS has also launched mobile phones with the same goal. Be equipped X Mode, this phone can focus its performance specifically for gaming. For long battles, this phone is also equipped with a GameCool II cooling system so it will last for a long time.

Source: GSMArena

Honor Play

This mobile phone brand from Huawei is equipped with a HiSilicon Kirin processor which is a competitor to other mobile phone processors, namely Qualcomm. This phone is made to meet the needs of gaming. Equipped with AI in the system, this cellphone can provide a unique experience for each owner. Including unique compared to others, this cellphone is no less competitive with other gaming cellphones. It’s just that unfortunately this cellphone is not officially sold in Indonesia. However, there are rumors that there will be a cellphone with similar features from Honor that will enter Indonesia.

Source: GSMArena

OnePlus 7 PRO

Like the iPhone, this phone is not actually made specifically for gaming. However, this phone has a solid performance for gaming. Equipped with a liquid cooling layer, this cellphone can be used for hours of gaming and maintains its temperature. Equipped with the best gaming components, a screen with a high refresh rate, and speakers that support Dolby Atmos, your gaming experience will be more stable.

Source: GSMArena

Razer Phone 2

For gaming problems, Razer seems to be very well known. This cellphone is of course already equipped with components that are ready for gaming. Equipped with a screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz, nothing will be missed from your view. Coupled with the cooling system using Vapor Chamber Cooling, this cellphone can be used to play for a long time. For gaming problems, Razer is very experienced in making gaming gadgets. This mobile phone can also be sure to be solid for gaming.

Source: GSMArena

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

From the lineup of gaming phones this time, maybe this phone has the highest price. However, the components owned by this cellphone are also the best on the market. Also equipped with a screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz and an AI system that helps condition the performance of the cellphone, this cellphone does have a target to be the best of the best. Equipped with a choice of RAM up to 12GB and storage up to 1 TB, your gaming storage needs will no longer run out.

Source: GSMArena

Xiaomi Black Shark 2

Not wanting to be left behind, Xiaomi also made a series of gaming phones. By using special gaming components, this phone has a gaming performance that competes with other gaming phones. With the addition of the Mille-Feuille Full Area Liquid Cooling cooling system, you can play games for a long time. This cellphone is also equipped with the Ludicrous Mode feature to maximize your gaming performance.

That’s the lineup of the best gaming phones in 2022 according to the curation of the idgw team, hopefully it can help you choose your gaming gadget.