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5th Anniversary, Mobile Legends Bang Bang Gives Permanent Skin

Currently Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) is one of the games which is very popular in Indonesia. Even today their users have more than 100 million people with varying ages. I can’t believe it, now MLBB has entered its fifth year.

In welcoming his fifth birthday, Moonton as developer provide special gifts for users. They gave this leak through videos which they upload to Youtube.

With the Dark of The Moon theme, they provide free skins as well as issue hero which of course will be very interesting to play.

New Floryn Hero Release Schedule Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Moonton has provided Floryn’s exit schedule for the SEA server. Floryn will be out on 10 – 21 September 2022. If gamer interested in getting it pretty easy. Moonton gives freebies by exchanging Floryn Exchange which can be collected from sign in everyday.

Special since September 21, 2022

Other Free Skins

In addition to the free skins mentioned above. Moonton is also giving away free skins on September 25, 2022. They are giving away again events Nostalgia. Gamers can choose 3 of the skins that Moonton gives that can gamer get.

To be able to claim this skin, gamer can sign in routine and follow quest given up to accumulating 100 points. Each user can only get one Nostalgic skin.

That is the main gift given by Moonton to commemorate their fifth anniversary. Apart from that there are some other small prizes like free access to all heroes, Team Star Protection and Double Star Rising.

Naturally events this can be put to good use. Especially now meta in Mobile Legends the more interesting to play. Already know what meta is currently available? Anything heroes that must be banned at the moment?

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