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5 Fun Games That Hold Halloween Events

5 Games Exciting who held Events Halloween

On October 31, 2022, Rockstar Games announced that they would be releasing GTA: The Trilogy in commemoration of their anniversary. But October 31 will also be there events which everyone in the world is celebrating. Right, there will be events Halloween which is of course almost all games also participate.

IDGameWare summarizes some games interesting thing to do events Halloween this year.

Fortnitemares (October 5 – November 1)

Monsters Within Apex Legends (October 12 – November 12)

Apex Legends is celebrating too events Halloween this year. Titled Monsters Within Apex Legends, this event will provide Halloween-themed costumes for Revenant, Bloodhound, Caustic and Seer. In addition, the Shadow Royale mode has also been brought back by Apex Legends.

Pokemon Go Halloween Mischief (15 October – 31 October)

One of games the most phenomenal when it was launched a few years ago also enlivened events Halloween. Pokemon Go will make several Pokemon namely Pikachu and Piplup wear exclusive hats.

In addition, the Phantom and Pumpkaboo evolutions are also updated in Pokemon Go.

PUBG: Battlegrounds Halloween Update (14 October – unknown)

Team Fortress 2: Scream Fortress XIII (5 October – 7 November)