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3 Million Gaming PCs For WFH - Intel - August 2022

Tired of doing the same thing for a few days at home? Augustbe it’s time to put in some time to play PC games. Even with a budget of 3 million, we can already play some mainstream games smoothly. Here is a cheap gaming pc for 3 million for WFH during this corona pandemic.


Source: Tokopedia

For Intel processors this time will use a processor with the latest socket type from Intel. Intel Pentium Gold G5420 3.8Ghz has become the best choiceupdates and best for this build. Public games such as CS:GO, DotA 2, and even Valorant which will be released soon. This processor is priced at IDR 867,000 only.


Source: Asrock

Intel G5420 uses socket LGA1151V2. Therefore, we will need a motherboard that supports socket LGA1151V2. For the best choice at a cost of 3 million, this motherboard from ASRock is still an option. ASRock H310CM-HDV at a price of Rp. 887,000, – is sufficient to unite all the components we need.


Source: Entercomputer

To be compatible with the ASRock H310CM-HDV motherboard, the RAM used must be DDR4 with a clock speed of 2666Mhz. Therefore, the choice in this build is Crucial DDR4 Ballistix Sport LT PC21300 2666Mhz 4GB. This RAM can be had at a price of Rp. 359,000, – only.


Source: Tokopedia

Storage is where games, data, and most importantly our OS is stored. For these needs, the Toshiba 500GB SATA3 is sufficient. This component only costs IDR 530,000.


Source: Blossomzones

Our computers need a casing that is complete with a power supply to place and turn on our computers. For that, we only need a simple casing that already has a power supply. Powerlogic Futura Black N1000 – 450W already fulfills these needs. This casing can be had at a price of Rp. 285,000, -.


For the needs of the people poor, this build is sufficient for everyday boredom and WFH needs. If there is still more budget, it is recommended to add RAM to 8GB to add games and applications that we can use. The total budget needed for this build is IDR 2,928,000. For those lying down who are working from home, you can really try to build this cheap gaming PC for 3 million to support work from home.


  • Prices listed are prices at the time this article was written (August 31, 2022). So it could be at any time the price will increase or decrease.
  • PC Build does not include Input, Optical Drive, and LCD.