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2 Reasons Why Role Scouts Are Important in PUBG Mobile!

These are the 2 reasons we will share with you about the importance of the role scout in PUBG Mobile, the role of barbaric and clever players!

In playing PUBG Mobile, we can’t just play because we have to recognize every role and their respective duties.

All roles in the PUBG Mobile game are very important but there is one role where this role is very important or vital when playing this one game.

The role we are talking about is the Scout role where this role has very heavy duties and responsibilities.

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PUBG Mobile Scout Role

Here are 2 reasons why this role scout is very important in playing the PUBG Mobile game!

Road Opener

The first reason is to pave the way for team rotation, someone who plays the role of Scout in the team has the task of finding all information to where to go.

This player will first walk to the next rotation, he will check all the conditions there, whether it is safe or not to visit.

Determining the Direction of Team Rotation

The second reason relates to the first reason where the player who fills the Scout role must determine the team’s rotational movement to be safe from enemy attacks.

He had to find out whether the existence of a location was safe for his team or not if he decided to go there.

If the location is safe, then he will tell all his teammates to go where he is going and if it is not safe.

Then this Scout will usually be killed and tell his friends not to come there.

Those are two reasons why the Scout role is very important in playing the PUBG Mobile game!

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