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Yandere Simulator allows to kill love rivals

Before we get into the topic, let’s first find out about Yandere.

What is Yandere?

Yandere is a combination of the words yanderu (mental disorder) and dere dere. Yandere is a kind, gentle, sweet and affectionate person. But when the character she likes is approached by other people, Yandere is easily ignited by jealousy. Yandere loves his crush very much, so he will do anything to get her, including violence. He did not hesitate to hurt other women who are close to the idol of the heart. Yes, most of the characters who have Yandere traits are psychopaths. An example of a yandere character is Gasai Yuno from the anime Mirai Nikki.

After knowing the meaning of yandere, now let’s move on to our topic this time.

Games indie what many fans have been waiting for yandere, Yandere Simulator back to reporting additional content in their latest update, including some of its newest features.

Here’s the snippet:

What we want to underline is the ability of Yandere-chan, the main character that we will play, to mutilate the bodies of his victims using a chainsaw. Brutal and efficient in many ways, and what candidates dream of yandere out there. It’s a shame we haven’t been told in detail about the usefulness of this new ability, but you can finally replay one of the ending scenes from the series yandere famous School Days.