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WOW!! SteamVR Working on New Features for DOTA 2

Now gamers can not only play, the real sensation in the game world will also become real.

After some time ago IBM support their virtual reality project for games Sword Art Onlinenow it’s turn Valve and HTC working on their new project in game DOTA 2.

Of course, by using virtual reality technology, gamers will now be able to watch more interesting DOTA 2 matches by utilizing the spectator mode or spectator mode which will be upgraded to VR spectator mode.

Although this new feature is not yet available, you can experience this VR spectator mode through the site Valve SteamVR. If you are a DOTA 2 player, surely watching a match in virtual reality format will feel WAH!!

As reported Uberizmoif we use a VR headset, watching DOTA 2 is like watching a movie in a cinema, and of course there will be players’ heroes competing around them.

Not only that, we can also find out player and match statistics, as well as other match information in a virtual reality display. Although it’s still a plan, the VR concept looks quite convincing when it can actually be implemented into games.

And here is an overview of the recommended PC specifications in order to be able to use this feature.steamvr