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Wolverine 3 Will Release in R Rating?

Success Deadpool with an R rating make a movie superhero, Wolverine production 20th Century Fox The next one is also expected to be made for audiences over the age of 17. At the event Toy Fair, Fox circulated a new pamphlet confirming the speculation.

In the pamphlet it is written that the film Wolverine targeted to get an R rating. However, this is not a final decision, because before the film is produced, the studio can still change its decision.

Besides Wolverine, another superhero movie, X-Force, also predicted to follow in the footsteps Deadpool.X-Force, I think it could be an R rating, but who knows?” comment Simon Kinbergthe producer of the sequel to the clawed mutant.

Deadpool which became a movie Super hero The first R-certified Marvel has managed to surprise box office America. He broke the record for the biggest premiere weekend in July by grossing more than 135 million US dollars. This number will continue to grow until the end of the broadcast.

Film The Wolverine 3 will be directed James Mangold by displaying the last action Hugh Jackman as an adamantium clawed mutant. The schedule itself will only be released on July 3, 2022 in American theaters.