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Who are the new characters in "Owarimonogatari" Part One?

If you don’t follow the Light Novel or the original Monogatari Series, you will definitely be confused by the new characters that appear in Owarimonogatari. and of course if you watch the new trailer provided by Aniplex you are confused about the meaning of something that Araragi forgot.

Before that, Araragi was sitting in his class, talking to Oshino and talking about something. The crux of the conversation was Ougi Oshino warning Araragi about something that Araragi had forgotten. But he refuted it by saying that he had never missed anything. But, therein lies Araragi’s fault because there is one important thing that Araragi forgot and that’s where a new character appears who comes like an unstoppable storm.

Actually, who is the new character, first watch the new trailer provided by Aniplex here:

The video also provides the following description:

This is the story that brings to light “what” makes Koyomi Araragi…this is the tale that was not meant to be told. OWARIMONOGATARI, part of the Monogatari Series Final Season will begin streaming only on Crunchyroll on 10/3/2015!

and Overall the point is that this first part of Owarimonogatari will tell a story that will provide clarity that makes Koyomi Araragi forget this important point.

Back again to the main discussion, Who are the new characters that appear in the trailer? After I did some searching and also looking here and there, it turns out that this first part of Owarimonogatari will focus on telling about Araragi’s childhood friend. And the childhood friend in question is a new character that appears in the trailer named Sodachi Oikura.

Araragi forgot his existence and it is still a mystery at this time, why can araragi be the most important thing? But what is clear is that the first part of Owarimonogatari will probably take material from the novel, namely Sodachi Riddle and Sodachi Lost.

Additional information, Owarimonogatari The first part will start streaming via the Crunchyroll site. Yesterday, maybe those who have subscribed to Crunchyroll already know who this new character is. For those who haven’t, wait for further information from us.