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What's with love? 2 Releases First Trailer

Film What’s with love? (AADC) 2 finally released trailers prime. The 1 minute 53 second video features the old players AADC who are already familiar with film viewers in the country.

It begins with the ending trailer for the first film, when Cinta and Rangga part ways at the airport. This trailer tells of the Love gang (except Ladya ‘Alya’ Cheryl) reuniting. They held a reunion event through a trip to Yogyakarta. Not long after all the fun was shown, the audience was then confronted with the confusion of Rangga, who was in the United States at that time. He finally followed him to Yogyakarta and met his old lover, Cinta.

Unlike the previous film, the feeling of sadness is felt throughout trailers. Cinta, who in the first film seemed to love Rangga so much, even frankly revealed the wounds she had been hiding all this time.

“What I did to you was unfair,” Rangga started the conversation.
“Rangga … what you did to me is evil,” said Cinta.

Unfortunately, in the following seconds, it was not explained what treatment made Cinta so hurt. Until the end of the video, there is only a little conversation between Cinta and Rangga, this adds to the curiosity of potential viewers.

plan, What’s with love? 2 will be released on July 28, 2022. Besides starring Dian Sastro and Nicholas Saputrathis film will also return to feature its iconic cast, namely Titi Kamal, Sissy Priscillia, Adinia Wirasti, as well as Dennis Adhiswara which was absent in the LINE version of AADC.

While waiting for the film to be released, watch the trailer first What’s with love? 2 below this.