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Welcoming Now You See Me 2, Lionsgate Will Release Two Mobile Games

Film Now You See Me success at the time of its release, film studio Lionsgate is currently developing two mobile games to welcome the year’s most anticipated sequel titled Now You See Me 2.

Developed by Side Kick VRfirst game Now You See Me 2 this will make mobile device users feel the thrill of playing the game virtual reality.

In this first game, players are led to uncover tricks or illusions with various hints given. This trick is hidden by Danny, McKinney, Haley and Wilder, who are known as the magicians of ‘The Four Horseman’ in the first film.

The second game developed by Kiwi This is what Lionsgate calls a highly interactive game. Players will be taken to explore a world of magic, magic and mysticism.

Not surprising from Lionsgate, because this film studio has often collaborated with game studios to release games related to franchise their movies. Lionsgate once partnered with Starbreeze Studios and Grab Games in game first person shooter virtual reality taken from the movie John Wick starring Keanu Reeves.

It is estimated that the schedule for the two games, which are based on the movie Now You See Me 2, will be released simultaneously with the screening of the film in cinemas around the world.