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Weaknesses and Hero Counter Kaja Mobile Legends

Kaja is indeed a Support hero and a semi tank, whose blood is neither too thin nor too thick. This hero has skill 2 to escape, but you also have to know the weaknesses and heroes who can beat him. Therefore, Dafunda Game will explain about Kaja’s weaknesses and hero counters.

For those of you who don’t really know the skills or how to use this hero. You recommend reading Guide and Build Kaja in order to more easily understand these weaknesses.

Kaja’s Advantages

Before that, we will first discuss the advantages possessed by this hero. Here are some points we can summarize:

  • Very agile for Tank/Support heroes.
  • Has the largest natural HP regen in the game.
  • Can be a war opener and kidnap the opponent’s hero in the desired direction.

Kaja’s Weaknesses

  • The skill-set is not strong enough to be an alternative to the preferred Tank/Support hero.
  • Wrong target when using ultimate can be fatal.

Hero Counter Kaja

We have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of this hero. Now we go into the discussion of what counter heroes are able to defeat Kaja. Most of these heroes are Mage type heroes.



Apart from being a Mage type, Kagura is very capable of defeating Kaja because he has different skills from the others. Kagura’s umbrella skill has two types of Skill 1 Kagura when the umbrella is not in her hand can provide extraordinary magic damage to Kaja, moreover this skill will reduce speed by 60%.

In addition, Kaguya is also very agile so it is difficult for Kaja to catch. Skill 2 can make Kaguya move where the umbrella is and do damage to the enemy.

Not to mention when Kaguya uses her Ultimate, if Kaja can’t get out of this skill link, the hero will get magic damage of 780 + 280% magic power.



Similar to Kaguya, Harley is also a very agile Mage hero. Harley can blink in the blink of an eye and increase his movement speed by 30%. Even though Kaja has the skill to escape, he will still be overtaken by Harley.

Then, Ultimate Harley can issue a ring of fire that is targeted at one enemy. Take out skill one and the amount of damage that will be received is very large.