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Weaknesses and Hero Counter Guinevere Mobile Legends

Guinevere is a Mage/Fighter hero who has very strong magical damage. But, that doesn’t mean this beautiful female hero doesn’t have weaknesses. Therefore, Dafunda Game will explain a little about Guinevere’s weaknesses and hero counters.

For those of you who don’t know the skills or items this hero uses. Read it first Guide and Build Guinevere from U.S.

Advantages of Guinevere

Before we discuss his weaknesses, let’s first check Guinevere’s strengths so that we know what is lacking from this one hero. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Has high mobility.
  • Hero initiator is good for war.
  • Has a skill with Crowd Control effect with a long skill duration.

Guinevere’s Weaknesses

  • The use of skills requires the right timing.
  • Quite difficult to use if you are not used to it.
  • Has a fragile body and thin blood.
  • One combo equals losing the war.

Hero Counter Guinevere

After discussing the advantages and disadvantages of this Mage/Phighter. Now Dafunda Games will provide knowledge about several heroes who are able to defeat Guinevere or hero counters from Guinevere.



Guinevere’s first counter hero is Lesley. This Marksman has a fairly long shooting range, so Guinevere is quite difficult to reach. Use Skill 1 (Master of Camouflage) to approach Guinevere, then attack with a strengthened basic attack.

If Guinevere approaches, you can use Skill 2 (Tactical Grenade) to make the enemy hero bounce. Return to use Skill 1 to repay the blood. If Guinevere runs away, use Ultimate Snip.


Selena counter guinevere

Both are Mage heroes, Selena is a natural opponent for Guinevere. When in Elven mode use the Abyssal Trap and aim it at Guinevere. Abyssal Arrow family to stun the opponent’s hero.

Then change to Abyss mode and use Primal Darkness skill. Continue the attack with the Garotte skill and end it by removing the Soul Eater.



Now we turn to Natalia, this Assassin hero certainly has more power in Guinevere’s ambush. Natalia must first disappear with Stealth mode. Find Guinevere and find him and attack him immediately so that Guinevere is silenced.

Take out the Smoke Bomb, then claw using the ultimate skill (Cold-blooded Strangling). Finish with Claw Dash twice and run straight away.

Comparison of All Hero Fighters for Counter Guinevere

To see a comparison of Guinevere with other Hero Fighters, try watching the video below: