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Weaknesses and Hero Counter Granger Mobile Legends

Granger is indeed a hero with a very strong damage type. But, that doesn’t mean this Marksman hero doesn’t have weaknesses and natural opponents. Therefore, Dafunda will explain a little about Granger’s weaknesses and hero counters.

If you still don’t know the greatness of this Marksman hero, we recommend reading Guide and Build Granger first.

Advantages of Granger

Before we get into the discussion of Granger’s weaknesses and hero counters. Let’s try to review some of the advantages of Granger:

  • Special Hero Critical Damage which is high.
  • When entering the late game, Granger was able to dominate the match.
  • Easy to escape using dash from skill 2.
  • Can target the opponent using the death skill Sonata (Ultimate) from a considerable distance.

Granger’s Weaknesses

  • Only 6 Bullets are available and if you run out then you can’t do Basic Attack.
  • The level of use of this hero is quite difficult, especially when directing his ultimate skill.
  • Weak against Crowd Control effects.

Hero Counter Granger

After discussing the advantages and disadvantages of this new Marksman. Now Dafunda Games will provide knowledge about several heroes who are able to defeat Granger or counter heroes from Granger.


Moscow Counter Granger

Moskov is one of the Marksman heroes who can be relied on to defeat Granger. In terms of Attack Speed ​​and Lifesteal, Moskov is much stronger when dealing one on one with this hero.

Use skill 1 (Abyss Walker) to move places and provide additional speed. Make sure your position is right enough to issue skill 2 (Spear of Death) and make Granger stuck in the wall and stun.

Then, Granger’s installments run thin with a basic attack that has no doubt about its speed. If Granger tries to escape, use ulti (Spear of Destruction) to end.


Alucard Counter Granger

Besides Moskov, a hero who has a high lifesteal like Alucard is also very suitable for fighting Granger. Use skill 1 (Groundsplitter) to jump towards the target. Activate ultimate (Fission Wave) to increase attack damage and lifesteal effect.

Alucard’s passive skill is perfect for continuing to chase Granger and use skill 2 (Whirling Smash). If Granger’s blood is dying, end it with a Fission Wave slash.


Gusion Granger

The marksman hero has indeed become one of the targets of Assassin heroes because of his fragile body and thin defense. Gusion is one of the best Granger counter heroes.

Cast skill 2 Gusion (Shadowblade Sluaghter) towards Granger. Then use the ultimate skill (Incandescence) to make the cooldown disappear, then remove skill 2 once again. Then, shoot a knife from skill 1 (Sword Spike) at Granger.

Press skill 1 then followed by skill 2 quickly and sequentially to end Granger instantly. Then use the ultimate skill again to dash backwards or a safer place.

Comparison of All Marksman Heroes for Counter Granger

To see a comparison of Granger with other Marksman Heroes, try watching the video below: