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Watch Dogs 2 Officially Released July 2022

Games Watch Dogs successful with selling 4 million copies a week after its launch, it’s only natural that this success makes a lot of gamer predict sequel Watch Dog will not be releasing soon.

Nevertheless, Ubisoft never officially confirmed when this sequel would be released. However, as reported by the page gamers, Monday, Ubisoft, in its financial report, revealed Watch Dogs 2 will be released before July 2022.

In that time span other than Watch Dogs 2multiple titles games like South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, and For Honor will be scheduled to launch.

Ubisoft does not explain in detail about Watch Dogs 2. However, Ubisoft has given a little leak about the much-awaited game gamer in this world. The first one is most likely Watch Dog 2 will star Aiden Pearce.

It turns out that Pearce’s character is not liked by many gamer despite appearing as the main character in the game Watch Dog. So, it’s only natural that Pearce will be replaced with another character.

As in the series Assassin’s CreedUbisoft will certainly make some changes to gameplay and some other radical changes in Watch Dogs 2.

Another thing to look forward to is the location of the city which is the setting of the place in the game. If the first game takes the location of the city of Chicago, it is likely that in the second game it will be located in the city of San Francisco.

Actually there are still many questions about Watch Dogs 2 unanswered, but those questions will be answered as the release date draws closer Watch Dogs 2 in July 2022.

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