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Wagamama High Spec announces cast and staff

First time to announce adaptation anime for the new eroge that will be released in July a few months ago,”Wagamama High Spec” finally announced more information related to the adaptation, including seiyuu and also the main staff.

ranks seiyuu Those who will be involved include:

(in order from left to right)


  • Mariko Honda as Kaoruko Rokuonji
  • Chiyo Ousaki as Mihiro Miyase
  • Mai Goto as Toa Narumi
  • Megu Sakuragawa as Ashe R Sakuragi

Satoshi Shimizu will act as director at the studio AXsiZ with Koujirou Nakamura in series composition and the characters will be designed by Masashi Nomura. The game itself will only be released on July 28, with animewhich will also air from July. Sekai Project already announced that they will translate the game into English for release this year.