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Used to be dumped, now these 5 heroes are choices when ranked in Mobile Legends games

After the patches and massive buffs and nerfs some time ago, game patterns and game meta have changed a lot in Mobile Legends. One of the effects of yesterday’s update was the presence of several heroes that were rarely used before, but now players are starting to look back at them. Unmitigated these 5 heroes are even an option to raise the level in the ranked game.

As we know, in ranked games we definitely choose a hero who is strong and easy for us to use. but what will happen if the hero who used to be often “dumped” when ranked now becomes a bone of contention in the match.? Who are the heroes who are included in the list of 5 heroes who are on the rise again?

5 Heroes Who Are Back in Popular in Mobile Legends, Dafunda Games Version

1. Freya

Freya Epic Dafunfa

In the first position the hero who is back on the rise is Freya. With the update some time ago, the number of players using this one hero continues to increase. Even though we can only get this hero from topup, there are still many players who return to using this female hero. More in some updates yesterday the appearance of the hero looks more realistic. Coupled with the skins it has, it makes Freya even more tempting to play.

2. Alpha

Alpha Epic Dafunda

Alpha the fighter hero is also a hero that is rarely used until finally Moonton decided to update some parts in alpha in yesterday’s big update. Alpha, which relies more on skill than its base attack, makes it less desirable for players. Therefore, one of the Alpha skills, namely Spear of Alpha, was improved by Moonton by being given an interesting buff.

A few tips for using Alpha, by using the lifesteal buff that can be given from the gear, Alpha will become better at one-by-one battles. This hero fighter will have abilities like vampires like Ruby or Alucard.

3. Zilong


The next hero is Zilong, one of the heroes fighter what we get for free is indeed easy to use and has tremendous potential in the game. When compared to frontline heroes such as Alucard and Lancelot Zilong, they are less popular in several ways. even though the damage generated by Zilong is indeed large and can be as big as Lancelot or Roger. the difference is damage generated from Zilong’s attack can’t be instant but damage periodically.

This is what makes Zilong not very popular in games, especially in ranked. But it seems that Moonton as the developer is also making changes to the meta this time, Zilong is reportedly getting it buff after the mythic skin came out it was rumored that it would be more suitable for use in the game. So prepare yourselves to re-enter Zilong in meta game.

4. Helcurt


The Assassins Category Hero that is making a comeback is Hellcurt. After yesterday’s update, it seems that interest in this one hero is increasing day by day. Due to the addition of several interesting effects such as the deadly Poisoned Stinger: the poisoned stinger which now disappears every 8 seconds, no longer disappears all at once like the previous version. This of course reduces the number of basic attacks that must be done to get 5 poison stinger (reduced from 5 to 4).

Dark Night Falls: now the effect no longer reduces the duration of Deadly Poisoned Stingers. So there is no longer any reason for Helcurt to be called a weak assassin hero.

5. Lapu Lapu

Lapu Lapu Skin

Lapu-lapu is also one of the heroes that is rarely used by paratroopers what’s the player in the ranked game? Many do not like the style of play that is applied when using Lapu-lapu. But now he got some special buff that can be used in matches. Like Justice Blade: Twin Blade cooldown reduced by 1 second at maximum level. There’s also the Chieftain’s Rage: the defensive effect activates immediately when skills this is used (previously, the effect was active when it was deformed).

Even though this one hero is quite difficult to play, but if you can master it, then beating all existing opponents is no longer a difficult matter and very easy to do. But that still doesn’t make Lapu-lapu forgotten and not infrequently Lapu-lapu is now a bone of contention to be used in every match.