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Understanding Hyper Carry in Mobile Legends!

The last few seasons, meta Mobile Legends become very frequently discussed. The meta is Meta Hyper Carry Mobile Legends which is being meta by gaming professionals in the MPL Mobile Legends game: Bang Bang.

As is well known, Mobile Legends itself has some of the same terms as MOBA games in general. Game made Moonton it also has several terms such as Side Line, Support, Tank, Core and many others. So, for Hyper Carry itself, what is the key to success so that this meta runs smoothly. Here’s the explanation for you.

What is Hyper Carry in Mobile Legends?

What is Hyper Carry
What is Hyper Carry | Mobile Legends

Meta hyper carry is in the spotlight of gamers, especially the Mobile Legends game. The reason is, this meta is really new and not many people know about it. Many also wonder how to use the hyper carry eye.

Hyper Carry itself is a strategy or META that focuses on 1 hero who will be the main damage dealer in a Mobile Legends match. The heroes commonly used as Hyper Carry are Marksman or Assassin type heroes.

The origin of the emergence of Hyper Carry itself occurred when the Bigetron Alpha team, which was competing in MPL ID Season 5, applied this strategy to its game.

Because this meta only relies on 1 hero, so buffs (blue and red) and jungle must be given to this 1 hero only. This is to get gold quickly so that the items needed by this hero are quickly completed.

Advantages of Hyper Carry Mobile Legends

If you are a fan of Mobile Legends, strategy is a very important factor to consider. Therefore, each strategy also has its own advantages.

Well, for hyper carry itself, the most prominent advantage is seen in the sharpness of the ADC or assassin as the spearhead in dealing damage to the enemy. This makes other heroes like offline and support only provides cover so that the hyper carry doesn’t die easily.

By using this meta, the team’s focus on protecting other heroes is also not divided. Heroes with tank or support roles can only be shields from hyper carry and provide farming space from the start of the game. This is so that hyper carry heroes get rich quickly and can bring victory after getting items quickly.

Disadvantages of Hyper Carry Mobile Legends

In addition to the advantages, a strategy also of course has a disadvantage. The drawback in making hyper carry as a strategy is that we only rely on one hero. This of course will be a disaster if a team’s hyper carry hero becomes the enemy’s target.

In addition, not leaving room for farming at the beginning of the game, and locking hyper carry when a team fight occurs is a strategy that can thwart this meta. If the hyper carry hero keeps dying at the beginning of the game, it is certain that this hyper carry meta will not work.

Hero Meta Hyper Carry
Hero Meta Hyper Carry | Mobile Legends

Of the many hyper carry metas that have been created, there are several heroes who are a mainstay when using this meta. Here are some recommendations for Hyper Carry Mobile Legends heroes, which of course have been proven successful.

Marksman : Karrie, Claude, Yi Sun-shin, Moskov, Bruno, Roger, Irithel, Kimmy.

Mage : Harith, Gusion, Esmeralda.

Assassin : Ling, Lancelot, Hayabusa.

Fighter : Leomord, Aldous, Alucard.

Besides having advantages and disadvantages, of course meta hyper carry also has several ways to be able to counter it. Well, here are some ways to counter meta hyper carry.

  • Split Push– If you use meta hyper carry, of course it will force the team to gather or war, of course there will be one empty lane. Moreover, the top and bottom lanes are filled with defensive heroes, which as a team will be very much needed when ganking. We can use this situation to do split push continuously.
  • Finish it in Late Game – Meta hyper carry is very powerful in the early game, especially at 10 minutes and below. But if it’s been 10 minutes or so and the opponent’s Hero is both maxed out, it will be easy to win. This is because the meta hyper carry team has minimal damage during the late game.
  • Aim for Hero Carry– Teams that use meta hyper carry will always rely on Hero support to guard them. However, when doing ganking to target Hero carry, Hero support will not be able to do much. Moreover, the Hero carry used is a maxman or assassin which we know if this Hero has resistance and a thin HP.

So that’s a brief explanation of the Meta Hyper Carry Mobile Legends and the advantages and disadvantages contained in this meta. To find out more information about the game world, make sure to keep visiting Game Funda and share this article if it is useful.