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'Girl und Panzer' film managed to get 500 million yen in 22 days

Girls und Pandzer der Filmthat’s the name for Girl und Panzer the film version that has been shown in theaters in Japan for 22 days, and what’s even more surprising is the fact that this film grossed 500 million in the time I mentioned earlier.

This big screen movie or anime starts showing on Date November 21 At first it was not very welcome and the news itself was not as great as the other films that were also adapted at the same time. But starting from the fourth week, the average income generated for 3 weeks immediately went up 27% than usual, this is due to positive reviews from people who have watched it for the first time and immediately recommend this film to their relatives or friends.

Video Trailer Girl und Panzer der Film

Until finally when it is calculated on the date December 13 ago, More than 364,781 tickets were sold with an indication of revenue of 539,435,450 Japanese Yen. Great isn’t it? It’s even greater than the Digimon Adventure Tri Ticket sales results for the first part, which already has its own fanatical fans.

To celebrate this success, the staff decided to share More Film Strips which was a bonus for the audience. Because the Bonus Strip runs out immediately after being produced and distributed in the previous stage.

Girl und Panzer der film Ticket DAFUNDA

For those of you who don’t know, Girl und Panzer is an anime that tells the story of girls riding tanks. The question is how exciting is this Widescreen Anime so that it can make Profit quickly? Is it the moe factor? wait for our review as soon as the widescreen anime is released on Blu-ray or You Know What I Mean.