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Two Wraith Figures Present in Apex Legends' Latest Trailer Video

As we all know, Apex Legends will be holding a new Voidwalker event. One of the main stars of the Voidwalker event is the Wraith. This was known when Respawn Entertainment as the developer of the Apex Legends game released a new trailer for Stories from the Outlands series.

If you look at the trailer above, the video is the second story behind Apex Legends by presenting the Legends, the characters used by players in the game, as stars.

The video also shows Wraith on a secret mission at the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation meeting someone who needs help. The figure is none other than himself.

Wraith’s ability to distort reality allowed him to know many versions of himself from parallel universes, which he heard in his head.

After doing some action scenes, the video brings the Wraith who has been replaced with a Wraith figure from the past to find himself in the Apex Games universe.

To date, Respawn has only released a few Stories from Outlands, after previously releasing a Stories trailer for their new character, Wattson.