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Tiger Revenge With Humans? Jungle Book Secret

Shere Kahn still couldn’t forget the pain he felt towards humans. That’s why this gallant tiger considers Mowgli as his enemy. Khan who is filled in by Idris Alba tries to chase Mowgli out of his jungle home in The Jungle Book.

Bravely, Shere Khan showed his anger in the midst of a pack of wolves led by Akela (Giancarlo Esposito) when smelling human odors. Neel Sethi who plays the character of Mowgli is just hiding in fear behind a family of wolves and other animals.

Shere Khan also explained the reason why he hates humans so much. Because of human actions, one eye became blind. It was this painful experience that made Shere Khan not accept the presence of humans who wanted to live in the forest.

Directed by Iron Man director, Jon Favreauthe film is scheduled for release July 15, 2022. Scarlett Johanson voiced Kaa the python, Ben Kingsley voiced Bagheera the panther, Lupita Nyong’o become Raksha mother wolf, Bill Murray as Baloo the bear, and Christopher Walken to be King Louie.

For a better feel for Shere Khan’s wrath, check out The Jungle Book’s trailer below.