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This Woman Claims to Have a Stroke for Playing Mobile Legends! –

Games are games that are made as attractive as possible so that players can get fun after playing them. Who knows, it turns out that playing games is a means of learning. It is not strange indeed if some people have a hobby of playing games.

Although playing games is fun and exciting, we must also be good at dividing our time. Don’t let us not sleep because we forget the time when playing games.

Stroke Due to Playing Games

A social media user named Mhary Mundoc recently uploaded his personal story about how he suffered a stroke.

Mhary Mundoc feels himself having a stroke due to addiction to gaming Mobile Legends. This was conveyed through the status he sent on social media along with a photo where he was being treated at the hospital with a breathing tube and intravenous drip attached to his nose and hand.

Mobile Legends

Mhary admits that he can play games Mobile Legends hours. He often plays Mobile Legends from 10 pm to 6 am. This means that he has very little time left to sleep.

There is no medical information as to whether the cause of Mhary Mundoc’s stroke was due to playing Mobile Legends or due to other factors. It’s just that if we look at the way he plays, it’s true that Mhary plays with a very unhealthy pattern.

In addition, too long to look at the screen to trigger the emergence of cardiovascular disease. This disease is one of the diseases associated with the heart and arteries. This is proven based on medical research from BMC Medicine.

In addition, the pattern of playing time Mobile Legends also greatly affects Mhary’s health where he plays the game from night to morning. The time that should be used for rest, is actually used for playing games.

There is nothing wrong if you like or even have a hobby of playing games. It’s just that you have to be good at managing and dividing the time between playing and resting.

If our bodies are healthy, we can automatically play games in a healthy way, right?

Editor : Heru Fernanda