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These 5 heroes are the least interested in mobile legends players

Of course, Moonton always presents new heroes in every update. Well, of course, not all new heroes are liked by the players. There are some heroes that can be considered “unsold”.

Well, this time Dafunda Games will provide a list of 5 mobile legends heroes that are not selling well in 2022. Guess who?

These 5 Heroes Are Not Interested by Mobile Legends Players

1. Layla

Layla Min
Layla | steemit

Even though he had become a dangerous marksman hero. Apparently, that doesn’t make Layla a favorite in the hearts of Mobile Legends players.

The biggest reason is his inability to dodge the opponent’s attack. In fact, even when he was accompanied by a tank hero. It’s still easy for him to die.

2. Alpha

Alpha Min
Alpha |

Alpha himself had become a strong fighter hero in his time. Even players can achieve a high win rate thanks to using this hero. Its existence has been eroded by other new fighter heroes who have abilities far from Alpha.

3. Bane

Bane Ml
Bane | Steemit

Bane may be the most “dregs” hero among other mobile legends heroes. Even though he has gotten a remake, it doesn’t make him a hero that is often used by players.

At the beginning of his appearance, Bane was a tank-type hero and after the remake his role changed to a fighter-type hero. The skills were updated but did not have a significant effect.


Cyclops Ml Min
Cyclops | reddit

In the past, this hero was the most banned hero during the picked session. This mage-type hero can be said to be outmatched by other mage heroes. Hopefully Moonton can remake this hero in the future.

5. Pharsa

Pharsa Min
Pharsa | Animoapps

This hero is shunned by the players because they need good timing. Although Pharsa is gifted with very capable skills. But everything must be supported with the right timing, otherwise it will be in vain.