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These 5 Films Ever Made People Upset, How Can You?

“Don’t be afraid, just movies”, this sentence usually comes out for people who are afraid of tragedies or some scenes in a film, usually small children. Understandably, children do not understand which is fiction and which is reality.

But this can also happen to adults, the five films that we will discuss are capable of causing a stir in society, and some even make the filmmakers have to deal with the law.

Of these five films are both related to fear. Whether in terms of horror or supernatural genres, natural disasters, or thrillers. Here is a list of the films:

The Blair Witch Project

genre movies found footage become a trend in recent years, before The Blair Witch Project already started it. The film, which was released in 1999, tells the story of three film students in a forest. The trio wanted to make a documentary about the fairy tale of the witch Blair, but all three were lost.

They just left a camera containing footage of their activities in the forest, and supernatural terror began to overtake them.

Promo The Blair Witch Project circulated on the internet in the form of false police reports regarding the disappearance of these three people. Even at the screening at the Sundance Film Festival, leaflets about the disappearance of the characters in this film were distributed to the audience.

This promo method clearly raises pros and cons in the community, regarding whether The Blair Witch Project true, or fiction. Even the film site itself was flooded with up to 80 million visits thanks to the promo which later went viral.

A Lizard in A Woman’s Skin

A Lizard In A Woman’s Skin is a film made by an Italian filmmaker, Lucio Fulci. The film, which was released in 1971, tells the story of the son of a successful lawyer who is haunted by nightmares.

In the period when visual effects were still very limited, there were scenes showing dogs being the object of experimentation. This beast’s chest was opened, with its heart still throbbing and blood dripping from its wound. This is the part that makes the public commotion.

So in fact, the producer of this film was dragged into an Italian court on charges of cruelty to animals. To solve this case, Carlo Rambaldi who created the special effects for this film testified in court. Rambaldi who also handled the special effects for the film ET from director Steven Spielberg this even got to demonstrate the animatronic dog used in this film.

Cannibal Holocaust

Another film that uses technique found footage. Cannibal Holocaust contains the journey of a film crew to the Amazon jungle to make a documentary about the life of the cannibal tribe there. The actions of the film crew who disrupted the village and raped this tribal woman, made the natives who were cannibals then take revenge by killing and eating them.

Unlike now there are censorship agencies, films Cannibal Hollocaust, comes with a very clear visualization, including for very brutal scenes. When screened in Milan, the director of this film, was arrested on the basis of indecent acts. But the news from a magazine about the death of the actors made an article that was imposed on Deodato also escalated to murder.

Law enforcement believes that the actors of this film really died for the sake of production Cannibal Holocaust. In order to be free from the snares of the law, Deodato also summoned the actors to appear in public. After the allegations were not proven, Deodato was finally released.

without warning

without warning is a television film produced by CBS. The film begins with a couple who have uninvited guests at their house. But the film is then interrupted by information that at first glance really looks like a breaking news natural disasters. The content of the news, is an asteroid that hit the earth.

The film uses a graphic design that is very similar to a real CBS news broadcast, making it seem like it’s really happening. In Fort Smith, Arkansas TV channel KFSM affiliated with CBS, reportedly received dozens of calls asking if the incident was real. The neighboring TV channels were also affected, they received a lot of calls, why didn’t they broadcast the big news that was being broadcast on CBS.


Snuff is an American-Argentinian gore film that was released in 1976. With a low budget, it was only US$ 30 thousand. The film, which was originally titled Slaughter, presents the story of a murder committed by a cult.

Allan Shackletona film distributor, then made the end of the film Slaughter own version. Depicted at the end of this film, the female character in this film is brutally murdered.

After Snuff was released, Shackelton reportedly hired a group of people to protest the film. This film, then became popular, even a number of board members started a petition to investigate this film. In the end, the news of this murder was stamped as a hoax by the New York District Attorney.