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These 3 Mobile Legends Character Designs Are Inspired by Capcom

Still love to play Mobile Legends? Games mobile This MOBA has become popular among Indonesian gamers. It’s just that we’re going to talk about characters Mobile Legends in this article.

Some characters in Mobile Legends some have been remodeled. Usually this reshuffle or change is a change in character status, as well as skills to make the game more balanced.

In addition, changes to the character design also occurred. Multiple characters Mobile Legends there is a change in appearance. I don’t know why, but it did happen.

Well have you noticed that some of the characters in Mobile Legends like some characters from Capcom games?

There is no definite statement from Moonton regarding this similar character design. However, it seems undeniable that Moonton seems to be inspired by some of Capcom’s game characters.

So who is it? Let’s see.

These 3 Mobile Legends Character Designs Are Inspired by Capcom

1. Alucard


Alucard is one of the characters fighter which has high attack power. Character Mobile Legends it now has a different look with a blue shirt and a large sword. This character is a type of DPS that has a role hero killer.

Previously, Alucard had a design similar to Dante’s character. That is one of the characters from the Capcom game, namely Devil June Cry.

Dante is the protagonist in the game Devil June Cry who has the appearance of white hair and carries a kind handgun. Dante also underwent a design change in the game Devil June Cry next.

2. Freya (Monster Hunter Skin)


Monster Hunter is a game from Capcom which is also one of the best-selling Capcom games in the world.

Freya’s own character has no attachment to Capcom. However, from the design skin premium Freya has a resemblance to the armor in the game Monster Hunter.

Junebe because of that, Moonton gave the name skin Freya’s with Monster Hunter Skin.

3. Lancelot


Lancelot is a hero with class assassins. Lancelot is also one of the favorite heroes who does have skills deadly to kill his opponents.

It turns out that this Lancelot character has also appeared in one of Capcom’s old games. This Capcom game is entitled Knight of the Round. Game type arcade This story tells about the adventures of the legendary king Arthur and his friends.

So you can guess, right? One of the characters that we can use to accompany the adventures of King Arthur is Lancelot.

Lancelot himself has a western face and blonde hair. The design is judged to be similar to the Lancelot version Mobile Legends.

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