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There is a hoax article that lasted 10 years on Wikipedia

One of the Editors at Wikipedia with usernames “Calamondin12” has found a Hoax article. The article has 10 years is on one of the largest encyclopedia pages.

For large sites like wikipedia, it sounds normal if it has hoax articles or does not have any basis. But only this time it was a different case, because it had been 10 years on the roost without anyone noticing.

This article was written in 2005, through the BusinessInsider website we learned that this article is about a fictional character named Jack Robichaux.

Robichaux is described as a serial rapist who existed in the 19th century. He launched an indecent act in the vicinity of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Robichaux was described as a serial rapist in the 19th century. He launched his action around New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. He is also described as a jazz musician you know in the same city. The crimes committed by him had become an open secret at that time.

In the Reality section, it is true that there is a jazz musician whose last name is Robichaux. To be more precise, he was named John Robichaux. fictitious description on wikipedia? John is really a different person from the fictional character.

After being investigated, it turns out that the composition that looks real was made by two friends, namely Bill Maas and Van Robichaux. When making the story of the serial rapist, the two men were still studying at Washington University, USA.

He and his friend deliberately made the engineered article with a simple motive, namely for fun. before making this article, they had first made a Hoax article on Wikipedia. But all of them are not long-lived alias short.

Oddly enough, only Jack Robichaux’s tale has been around for a long time. “We just wanted to present false information on Wikipedia, more or less as a challenge. We’ve tried on many different articles before, but always failed,” said Maas.

Calamondin12 who is one of the editors at Wikipedia has asked the system manager to immediately delete the baseless article in August last year. He explained that the article on the encyclopedia site lacked real evidence and the references were completely inconsequential. Now, you can no longer find this article on that page.

Wikipedia deleted it and released a backup so that those of you looking for this article can know the chronology of the deletion.