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The Story of a Woman Claiming to Have a Stroke Due to Mobile Legends Addiction!

Dafunda Gokil – Recently there was a social media user who admitted that he had a stroke due to playing the Mobile Legends moba game. A woman named Mhary Mundoc said that she got the disease because she was addicted to playing Mobile Legends.

Everyday Mhary admits that he can play from 10 pm to 6 am. This means that in between the busyness of every day there is little time to sleep and rest. In the same upload, Mhary also showed a photo of himself lying limp in the hospital.


Many netizens commented reminding people not to forget to play games until they don’t eat and rest. The post immediately went viral on social media, the proof is that the post has been shared more than 52 thousand times and invited 46 thousand comments.

Of course the truth of his story has not been confirmed by the doctor in charge. But a study conducted by researchers at University College London did find that people can be more at risk of developing cardiovascular problems when they spend too long in front of screens.

According to researchers, when a person spends more time in front of a television screen, computer, or cellphone, his body will lack physical activity.

Another study submitted by doctors from Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, also said that lack of sleep will increase the risk of stroke by 11 percent.

So, don’t get addicted to games and cause things like this. You can play games, as long as you remember the time and don’t forget to eat.