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The reason why Kiddle is still suitable for use by children, even though it reaps controversy

Kid is a search engine specifically designed to be suitable for use by children and carries the appropriate design. However, even so, there are still some keywords that actually pass and the filter editor and Google Safe Search they use. I created this article to provide a comparison of the use of

The reason the Kiddle Search Engine can still be used

Kiddle Search Engine (1)

  1. Already filtered many keywords that are not suitable for children
    I want to be a little open, the keywords “Bok*p” or “H*ntai” are of course currently booming among the public. And of course you don’t want children who are generally very curious to start looking for those words and then get a reality that they can’t accept at their age.
  2. Complete with Inappropriate Search Report
    yes, the editors of Kiddle themselves know that they alone are not enough to filter many words from various languages. Therefore, you can also participate in providing input by entering any words that you think do not deserve to be Kiddle. This feature helps you the parent to secure the child’s curiosity.
  3. Designs that are suitable for children
    Kiddle brings a very fresh look and is suitable for children. The design they are working on is really very good and of course makes children think that the search site is made specifically for their world.

Kiddle’s Disadvantage That Reaps Controversy

Kiddle Search Results

Of course, as a new site Kiddle still has a lot of things to improve. For example, the fact that there are still words that are not filtered by them and there are still search results that escape the system. Here are some of Kiddle’s shortcomings that you should know:

  1. There are still many “Inappropriate” words that have not been filtered
    There are still many inappropriate or obscene words appearing in the search results. We can’t fault the editors whose numbers are inversely proportional to the filter work they have to do. Just imagine, there are hundreds or even thousands of languages ​​that have the same meaning but are said differently, right? other than that, new issues such as LGBT have not been entered into their filter, just try to search using the keyword “LGBT” on that site.
  2. There are still bad search results going to Kiddle
    using Google Safe Search also can’t get rid of search results that can’t be found. Indeed, the search engine editor has created a special list for the top three searches for each popular keyword, but 3 is not enough to overcome the large amount of content that children cannot digest.
  3. Using Google But Not part of Google
    yes, in fact this site is not part of Google, maybe for those of you who don’t know this third point is confusing, isn’t it. Why not from Google? even though he himself displays search results from Google Safe Search. this is where the drawback lies, kidddle doesn’t have full control on Google’s Safe Search so they can only change the search query a little to make it safer for children.

What should you choose, use Kiddle or not?

I have explained several reasons whether Kiddle is suitable to use and the reasons why Kiddle reaps controversy. Now one question arises, is Kiddle suitable for use by children? The answer is it depends on your assessment. We can’t say that this site is completely safe, at least there are services that provide services to make searches that are safer than those that already exist. So I think you already know the answer to your question by now.

Despite being relatively new and lacking in many flaws, Editor Kiddle is not standing still. They continue to work hard so that in the future their site can be really suitable for children and parents can rest easy when giving their children online facilities. To access You can get started by accessing the following link.