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The reason Batman hates Superman, says Ben Affleck

At the beginning, the name was announced Ben Affleck As the newest cast of this black-robed bat hero, fans of this DC comic character suddenly made a fuss. Many of them think that Affleck will not be able to keep up with the performance Christian Bale in the film trilogy The Dark Knight directed by Christopher Nolan.

After this news emerged in 2013, Affleck chose to remain silent. He hardly ever talks about his role as a batman in movies Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, before the release of the film, Ben Affleck is starting to have the courage to talk to the media about his character which he will play this.

batmanvsupermanAs reported by Entertainment Weekly, one of the things he reveals, is what the real cause of Batman’s rage is seen in Superman. According to Affleck, this is a reflection of Batman’s anger at himself.

“He projects feelings of failure, disappointment, and cynicism about himself onto Superman, mainly because he has an idealized view of what he does,” he said. Plus, said Affleck, Batman is a figure who has a dark corner in him.

“You can’t go out at night and fight crime like he did, without having a dark perspective on the world,” he said.

The winner of two Oscars also shared his views on Superman. In comic books since the birth of this character, he is always depicted as a defender of the truth. But objectively, Affleck said, there must be controversy when a super creature like Superman fights against other super beings on earth and kills many people. Moreover, at first people did not know whether Superman was a good character or a bad character.

“There’s going to be a lot of people thinking, ‘this guy should go to jail,'” Affleck said. According to him, Batman will also have a view that is not much different from that.

The battle between Batman and Superman will be poured in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, with directed Zack Snyder and at the same time be a direct sequel Man of Steel. The story is centered on the clash of two Super hero because of the difference in principle. plan, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters on July 25.